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More About Precious

Poised for purpose. Gifted with grace


Many times we reach a certain level of success and we think that thing, whatever it is will fix the emptiness or longing that we feel for more, but it never does.

In the back of your mind and deep in your heart, you have a dream or a passion that burns, but you don’t let yourself even speak it, because you fear you don’t have what it takes, and you don’t know where to start.

I am here to help you realize it, step by step, and we will start by eradicating doubt.

As a speaker, Precious focuses her energy on discussing the importance of discovering the barriers to growth and potential and developing a strong foundation in the truth that can be built upon precept by precept.

Precious S. Carter is a certified life coach, speaker, and author who specializes in empowering women to get beyond themselves and reach their full potential.

Precious believes in the importance of renewing your mind to the truth and developing skills to realize your full potential while intentionally doing the work on our soul which is comprised of your mind will and emotions.

Her program “Mind Shift: strategies to identify and eradicate life-limiting belief systems”, is an intense and powerful 6-week program for women who want to transform their life and way of thinking by intentionally unlearning negative thought processes that have limited their ability to break the glass ceiling.


In 2008 she began mentoring young women who were struggling with low self-esteem resulting from rejection, abandonment, and abuse. Many of the young ladies she encountered dealt with severe trauma as early as the age of 3 years old in their lives.


In 2015 she began to be more aggressive in her pursuit to help women and became intentional in her study of the mind which led her to want to reach out in a more meaningful way.


In 2017 she became a certified life coach and launched her practice Renewed and Empowered, where she helps women who are ready for a to pursue their purpose with passion overcome barriers, discover their truth and think differently.


In 2018 she wrote her first published book, Broken Beginnings, Beautifully Graced which talks about her own childhood trauma, and how she was delivered from poverty, perversion, anger, resentment, rejection and so much more.


She has since written 3 Ebooks with more to come.

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