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"I help high achieving women gain clarity and balance time to achieve their highest potential."

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

 Empowerment is the process that creates power in individuals over their own lives, society, and in their communities.

Emotional healing involves integration of the fragmented parts of our soul to help us, not only understand a past experience, but to resolve it fully, so that it has no emotional response

To make like new : restore to freshness, vigor, and happiness.

My Approach

My program “Mind Shift: strategies to identify and eradicate life-limiting belief systems”, is an intense and powerful 6-week program for women who want to transform their life and way of thinking by intentionally unlearning negative thought processes that have limited their ability to break the glass ceiling.

About me

Precious S. Carter is a certified life coach, speaker, and author who specializes in empowering women to get beyond themselves and reach their full potential.

Precious believes in the importance of renewing your mind to the truth and developing skills to realize your full potential while intentionally doing the work on our soul which is comprised of your mind will and emotions.

How Can I Help You?

The most successful women in the world,  have all turned to others for coaching on one way or another to help them work through their road blocks, to achieve clarity in their lives, to help them through transitions, and to aid them in setting and achieving their goals.

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Since I’ve been working with Precious, she has helped me to become more confident. She has encouraged me and helped me find the leader in myself.  I now am in a leadership role in my career and my family is much more financially stable because of it. She was able to read me, and find a way to encourage me to dig deeper and to succeed. She does not use the same strategies with each person or situation. She’s able to reach people in every walk of life so they feel heard and supported

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Precious Moments Live

This podcast was designed to encourage you and give you practical insights and wisdom to how to identify negative life limiting mindsets and establish a new way of thinking! You can’t stay the same and expect different results and I am here to encourage and challenge you!


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Broken Beginnings, Beautifully Graced is the first novel in the Precious in His Sight series. Author Precious Carter has a passion to see people life life to it's fullest, and hopes this book will help people realize that troubled family history, poor choices, sexual, physical and mental abuse can be overcome!



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