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Are you ready to Live a Life without LIMITS???

It's Time to...

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You deserve the highest quality of life.

Build the Businesses and relationships you've always dreamed of. 



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Hi, I’m Precious S. Carter, and I am here to challenge every belief system you have. 


Well, maybe not every. Single. One. 

But the ones that were passed down from generation to generation that led you to believe the life that you want is always just out of reach.   

While I always had great success in corporate America, the sum of my experiences led me to realize a few things for sure as a woman.   


If you set your mind to do a thing, nothing can stop you, even if you are technically not qualified 


If you don’t purpose in your mind to be free, you will not even realize the things in life that hold you back 



If you don’t decide to live life on purpose, you will live your life checking off the boxes other people have and you will build their dreams for them 

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Purchase your copy today of my transformational book!

Precious In His Sight

Broken Beginnings, Beautifully Graced

is the first novel in the Precious in His Sight series. Author Precious Carter has a passion to see people life life to it's fullest, and hopes this book will help people realize that troubled family history, poor choices, sexual, physical and mental abuse can be overcome!


Quick Facts about your new life coach!

awarded with the rising star award at Hondros College,

Character Council of Cincinnati character award winner 6 consecutive


featured in the voice of black Cincinnati

speaker for the national coalition for cervical cancer

certified life coach, 

 business consultant and  nurse

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